Getting Started


Each data type corresponds to a relevant endpoint:

Data TypeDescriptionEndpoint
Aggregated trade metricscandlesticks (open, high, low, close, volume, trades count, VWAP) with granularities of 1h an 1m.wss://
Tradesexecuted tick-level transactions (matched order book)wss://


To establish a new websocket connection to an endpoint with a selected data type, you should authorize with an API key.

HTTP Header:

Authorization: <API key>

Request/Response Message

A request/response message consists of 3 fields: traceId,type and payload. It’s highly recommended that you provide an optional traceId request unique identifier so that success or failure responses can be matched. Follow the links to find payload and type examples for OHLCV and trades endpoints.

  "traceId": "<unique id generated by user>",
  "type": "<type of request>",
  "payload": {"<payload object>"
Field NameTypeRequiredDescription
traceIdStringfalseRandom string generated by user to correlate response messages
typeStringtrueUnique message type name
payloadObjecttruePayload object, structure depends on message type

Data formats

JSON is currently the only supported default format.

Websocket Ping-Pong

We highly recommend using the ping-pong messages in client to keep websocket connections alive as long as possible, even behind proxies and load balancers.

At any point after the handshake, the server sends a ping to the clients. When the ping is received, the client must send back a pong as soon as possible. This is used to make sure that the client is still connected.

Predict data loosing

To exclude loss of data during internet connection stability or reconnecting, we use queue of the messages for last 2 mins to always deliver these messages when the ws connection is established.


The following HTTP codes can be received during websocket connection establishment:

HTTP CodeDescription
401 - UnauthorizedRequest cannot be authorized for some reason
403 - ForbiddenUser access to the requested resource is denied
429 - Too Many RequestsUser has exceeded connections or transferred bytes limits
503 - Service UnavailableService is temporarily unavailable

You can find more error details in the provided response.

HTTP Header:

x-inca-error-message: <MESSAGE>