Error Handling

You may recieve an error message from us if there is something wrong with your request or if something unexpected happens during streaming such as exceeded limits, buffer overflow, missed ping messages, or if the node is going away.

In some cases, your websocket connection will be closed by us after sending an error message.

Error messages have a general structure and may or may not contain traceId depending on who initiated them:

  "p": {
    "message": "The number of transferBytes has exceeded. Limit: ${tier.maxTransferBytes}."


Error TypeDescription
error-bad-requestSubscription request has wrong format. Please correct your request according to docs and examples.
error-buffer-overflowThe messages queue is overflowing. Try to increase consumption speed or split subscriptions across multiple websocket connections.
error-forbiddenUser subscription to the requested resource is denied. You may need to modify your subscription request.
error-genericInternal server error. Please reconnect or try again later.
error-going-awayServer node is going away. Please reconnect as soon as possible, you have only one minute to reconnect properly. After this time connections will be terminated.
error-ping-pongClient did not reply to server ping during 3 times. Check the stability of the connection and make sure your client is responding to ping requests according to the websocket protocol.
error-too-many-requestsUser has run out of allowed subscriptions per one connection or exceeded tier limits.