Data Dictionaries

Pagination Parameters

Access a paginated list of all markets by calling our REST API endpoints. Ensure that the pairs and market venues you request align with our dictionaries; otherwise, no data will be provided. We update these dictionaries hourly.

Each endpoint requires pagination parameters.

  • Use page to specify the page number you’re interested in. Its default value is 0.
  • Use size to determine the number of results per page. It has a maximum limit of 5000 items and a default value of 1000.

Accessing Dictionaries

To effectively retrieve the dictionary:

  1. Start with a request using default values.
  2. Continue fetching using the size and page values from the response until hasNext returns false.

API Documentation

For comprehensive details on the dictionary API, consult the documentation based on OpenAPI specification V3.1.0. View it here. To generate client-side code, consider tools like openapi-generator.

Find examples of API usage with generated client in the repository.