The Inca Digital WebSocket API provides streaming access to real-time market data for crypto assets. Endpoints follow the RFC 6455 websocket protocol standard. We handle multiple cryptocurrency exchange data feeds and return both normalized and standardized results to our clients. The API provides raw trade level data and aggregated metrics (OHLCV and VWAP). If you want to query historical data, use our REST API.

AWS Marketplace

Connect to our Websocket API on AWS marketplace. You can select a tier that fits your needs and customize your subscription by choosing data types, market venues, and pairs. If you require an unlimited subscription or you have a custom data request, please contact us.

Secret token

Once you subscribe to a public or private offer, click “Set up your account” and you will receive your secret token. Make sure to copy your token at that point as you won’t be able to see it again. We recommend using an API secret management service like AWS Secret Manager for secure tokens storage. Now you can connect to the endpoints and subscribe to the data feeds of your choice.

In case you lost or compromised your token, please contact us at [email protected] and we will revoke it for you. Make sure to include your account id and the name of the product you’re subscribed to. We do not store users’ tokens, so your old token will be deactivated.

Subscription management

If you face any subscription related issues (billing, subscription change or cancelation) please contact AWS support center