Our REST API is availible on two marketplaces: Rapid API and AWS Marketplace. Both platforms support a free trial version before upgrading to a full subscription.

Authorization and Usage

AWS Marketplace

Upon signup with AWS, you will gets access to a dataset containing API endpoints and credentials that allow access to our Market Data API. Authorization is based on AWS credentials and can be done in two ways:

  1. If you are using one of the AWS SDKs (including the SDK for C++, SDK for Go, SDK for Java, AWS SDK for JavaScript, AWS SDK for .NET, SDK for PHP, SDK for Python (Boto3), or SDK for Ruby), you do not have to manually perform the steps of deriving a signing key and adding authentication information to a request. The SDKs perform this work for you.

  2. If you are directly making HTTP requests - you need to sign them manually with time-sensitive AWS Signature (calculation). We also recommend using Postman to interact with the API; it generates AWS signatures from IAM credentials.

Rapid API

Rapid API is a very user-friendly platform with robust documentation. We only support Rapid API keys for authentification. Once you subscribe through Rapid API, head to the “Endpoints” tab. It includes navigation, a list of endpoints, documentation of the currently selected endpoint, and code snippets to help you get started with your application. The code snippets are available in many different programming languages. From here you can also test the API endpoint directly in the browser by changing the input for the endpoint. If you generate a code snippet within the browser, your app key will automatically appear in the generated code. You can also find the API key on the Security page of your application on the Developer Dashboard.